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remember to bring all your paperwork and ID when you come in for your appointment. We have a checklist that will be helpful

Make sure to make multiple appointments for each individuals tax return. (except for joint returns)

i.e. parent, brother, sister, etc.

Eubanks Tax Service

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Tax season 2018 is here!

Below are things you need to know about.

Online booking will be online Dec 14 @ 3:00 pm. Book early.

January 3rd is opening day for this tax season!

You can book for anytime through tax season so don’t wait until you have your info ready.

Be sure to book only with the preparer who has the experience necessary to complete your return. What each preparer can do is listed on the booking website.

The due date for partnerships and S corps is Mar 15. We will be unable to negotiate with IRS the removal of penalties this year so book or file an extension prior to Mar 15.  Tax season ends on April 17 for all other filers

Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is still in effect so bring proof of insurance and if you were in Obamacare we MUST have your 1095A form which will be mailed out late January or go to your online account at to get it sooner.

Proof of residence for anyone claiming Earned Income Credit or Child Tax Credit is required. Proof of residency can be school records, doctor bills, government IDs, anything that shows your address.

Bring a copy of your divorce decree if per that decree this is the year you get to claim the child.

Please bring a deposit slip or current direct deposit info if you have a refund coming or expect a refund

We anticipate that no refunds will be issued until mid to late February again but we can begin preparing returns on Jan 2 so don’t wait

We are offering refund advances again this year if you are interested. These advances should begin about the 3rd week in January

There are a lot of rumors regarding future tax law changes. At the time of this email nothing has been passed but we will keep you updated next year once changes become law.

Walk-ins are always welcome. We do have a system whereby you don’t have to wait in the office for one of us to get free, check in at the front desk and they will notify 15 minutes before we are available

Our office hours through tax season are Monday-Friday 9-7 and saturdays 9-4:30

Our office will be closed Dec 15 until Jan 2. Our recorder will NOT allow you to leave a message

We can’t wait to see all of you again and have a very blessed Holiday season


Be Prepared! Click here for a 
Tax Document ChecklistTax_Checklist.html
Be Prepared! Click here for a 
Tax Document ChecklistTax_Checklist.html