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remember to bring all your paperwork and ID when you come in for your appointment. We have a checklist that will be helpful.

 Make sure to make multiple appointments for each individuals tax return. (except for joint returns) i.e. parent, brother, sister, etc. 


                                      Hello Everyone!

     Now that we are back in the office, we wanted to touch base with everyone and give some things that have changed starting in May 2020.

     Our off-season hours have started, starting on May 4th, 2020. Our office will be open Monday – Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. The office will be closed Fridays and Saturdays.

You can still go online and schedule an appointment with Julie or Donna, both of which are knowledgeable and experienced tax preparers.

     You will still need to call the office to schedule an appointment with David or Vickie, due to their limited availability. 

     There may be times that you cannot wait until David or Vickie have availability, if that happens you can always drop it by, email, or fax it to the office and Julie or Donna will work on it then have David or Vickie review it before it is sent in.

     Due to the COVID-19, the filing deadline has been extended until July 15th, 2020. The extension deadline will again be October 15th, 2020.

     Regarding the Stimulus checks there are some things we would like to mention:

 will have most of the answers regarding your stimulus:



        2. There has been some confusion on who got the stimulus checks and who did not, why some people got the check, and why some did not. This law was passed in a truly short amount of time meaning, that there will be some bumps in the road. Anything that is passed in such a short time frame will not go as smoothly as we think it should.

     Clients are still encouraged to drop off their returns if they are at high risk or have been in contact with someone who could possibly have COVID-19, or if you do not yet feel comfortable going to public places. There are different ways you can drop off your return to us:

      1.Email- you can email your return information to

      2.Fax- you can fax your return to 405-670-3516

      3.In-Office- you can come by the office at 3020 S Wofford Ave.

          a. If you are coming by during our normal hours of Monday – Thursday 9 am –3 pm you will drop your return with the front desk.

          b. If you are not able to make it during our normal hours there is a silver slot in the door you can put your information through ( it is a little high so it would be best if it were not loose paper)

     You will need to go to the and fill out the drop-off form that can be found about have way down the page. We are having all drop off clients, whether they be new or existing clients, send these forms with their returns as it helps the preparer have the most updated information and can get your return back to you quickly if we have that information upfront.

      We are doing our best to keep the office clean and sanitized to keep exposure low.

          1. We are cleaning and sanitizing between clients.

          2. Additionally, we are observing the 6ft social distancing rule. Our tax preparers have barriers in front of their desks to let you know how far 6ft is from them. The front desk now has a table in front of them to keep with the 6ft rule and a stand with the sign-in clipboard for you to sign in. We ask that you please keep with the social distancing guidelines to not only keep you safe but us as well.

        3. We have hands free hand sanitizer stations located on the walls by David and Vickie’s offices for your convenience. They are labeled to help them be more identifiable.

        4. Every employee has a mask that they can wear if it would make you feel more comfortable while you are in the office. Please let them know if you would like your preparer to wear one while they are doing your return.

    Thank you all for your continued support and business while we are working to make everyone feel more comfortable while still being able to get your returns taken care of.


    Our office phone does NOT have an answering machine so DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. We will not get it.     

    Important things to bring with you to your appointment or include in your drop off:

      1. For all returns we prepare where a child is claimed, we still must have proof of residency. This can be school records, a rental agreement that lists the people residing with you, a medical bill, a drivers license if they are age 15 or above , daycare records or health insurance paperwork      

   2. On insurance, there is no penalty for not having insurance, but IF your insurance is through Healthcare.Gov. We MUST have your Form 1095A. If your coverage is through work or on your own, we are not required to see it but is a great way to provide residency for a dependent since they are listed on the form.  

    3.  If you qualify for Earned Income Credit we must have proof of residency, proof of relationship if the person is not your biological child and for Head of Household status we must have something that shows you are the one that maintains the home for a child. This can be a rental agreement, utility bill, mortgage statement, etc. These requirements are set out by the IRS for preparers.     


     4. Remember we must have a photo ID in our file. If you are filing a Married return, we need IDs for both.    Please bring a deposit slip or check if you are getting a refund so we can verify your banking information. We will not keep a copy of this info in our files.    If you have had a new child this year, please bring us a copy of the Social Security Card for our records.  

    As Always we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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